The Secrets of Colorful Cannabis: How to Grow Purple Cannabis Buds

  • April 18, 2022
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Purple Cannabis Buds

There is beauty in the diversity of colors, and cannabis buds are no exception. It is widely known that green is the color of cannabis strain, but it can also be in different colors like purple. The environment matters, and cannabis buds can naturally change their color depending on the conditions. This happens mostly when cannabis is grown outside and in cold conditions.

The Difference between Green and Purple Cannabis Buds

The dominant pigment in most plants is chlorophyll, this includes cannabis. Chlorophyll can absorb almost all wavelengths of the visible spectrum of light, making it efficient at capturing light energy. Most plants appear green to the human eyes, only appears green is because it does not reflect or absorb the wavelength of light in the “green” spectrum.

However, chlorophyll is not the only functional pigment in most plants. In its absence, other plants contain carotenoids or anthocyanin to capture energy from sunlight. Anthocyanin absorbs all wavelengths, except for those in the violet or indigo spectrum. This makes it reflect violet light, causing the plant to look purple in the eyes.

Are Purple Cannabis Buds More Potent?

specie of cannabis

There is no proper way to ascertain if purple cannabis bud is more potent. The potency can be, either way, more than green buds, and vice versa. What is important to know is that color has nothing to do with potency. The potency of any specie of cannabis is all about genetics.

The effect the same flower can have on two or more people may be different. This is because of the difference in the body system. Many cannabis growers believe that purple weed is more potent. However, this is not a fact. What may be true is that purple cannabis buds cannot be more potent than green buds because their flowers reflect the spectrum that produces the most energy.

Parts of the Cannabis Plant That Can Change to Purple

Different parts of the cannabis plant can change to purple. The whole plant can do the same as well. The parts that commonly turn purple may include:

  • Calyxes: The calyxes are little buds that make up the cannabis bud. The cannabis flower consists of many of these calyxes. The calyxes are stacked one on top of another. There are cases in that not all the calyxes change color, with some staying green. You will have a multicolored bud when others turn purple and some stay green.
  • Trichomes: Trichomes cover the buds and are tiny. Trichomes usually start clear, changing before becoming amber. There is also the genetics of pink or purple trichomes.
  • Pistils: The fine hair that pops out of the buds is the pistils. They indicate that the plant is female. Generally, pistils start with a white color before turning brown, red, or orange as the plant matures. Pistils also turn purple and may remain so after harvesting, drying, and curing the buds.
  • Leaves: The sugar leaves and fan of the cannabis plant can also change to purple. The leaves can turn purple completely. In some cases, the leaves exhibit purple coloration around the tips of the fingers or veins.

How to Grow Purple Cannabis Buds

How to Grow Purple Cannabis Buds

Growing purple cannabis buds all begins with the seed. You need to have the right seed to grow purple cannabis buds. At the same time, the strain of the seed should have high anthocyanin levels. Additionally, planting your cannabis plant where the nights are cool and the day is warm will get you the most beautiful purple color.

You can correctly make your buds change color through the following:

1. Genetics

Some cannabis strains will grow purple by themselves. However, you will get the best results by finding purple genetics if you are looking into growing purple cannabis buds. An example of good purple genetics is Purple Lemonade.

Rather than producing chlorophyll, these plants are genetically made to produce anthocyanin. You do not have to do anything special before they will grow purple.

2. Bright lights

The different colors of the cannabis plant may be more obvious under strong lights, especially with LED fixtures. This happens because chlorophyll cells can be destroyed by strong, direct light. As a result, different color tones like purple, pink, and red emerge.

The color change that happens is more apparent in the parts of the cannabis plant getting stronger light. The other parts will probably stay green. This is not common when growing under HPS lights, but can occur under higher wattage HPS bulbs.

3. Temperature

Cooler night periods can cause the cannabis plant to show purple, pink, or red colors. However, this does not apply to all strains of the cannabis plant. You may shock the plants while trying to change colors at low temperatures. This can result in smaller yields.

You must also understand that lower temperatures may help in turning the cannabis buds purple , but will slow the growth. It is not recommended that growers lower the temperature just because they want to achieve colored buds. More harm is done when the temperature is lowered at the beginning of the flowering stage.

4.pH at the roots

Some species of plants exhibit different colors depending on the pH of the substrate. Colored cannabis buds can be achieved by using different pH levels at the root of the plant. At a pH below 6.0, a purple strain tends to become deeper. However, many other strains tend to show signs of deficiency at a pH below 6.0.

This method is not recommended for beginners. However, if you are a beginner and still want to try it, it is advised that you do it close to harvest. This is to help minimize the loss in case the process goes wrong.


True purple cannabis buds will turn purple regardless of the environment they are cultivated. This reduces the potential harm that lowering the temperature may cause. You will also be guaranteed a healthy purple plant. You can also meet a specialist like BC Seeds, if you are a beginner and need help in growing the purple cannabis bud.

Mr. BC Seeds
Mr. BC Seeds is an over educated old school hippy who has been involved in the cannabis industry since the 1970's. He is one of the most experienced marijuana breeders in Canada if not the entire world. He was the first to use the most advanced breeding techniques in 2008 to create 42 of the world's strongest cannabis strains. He has been writing in-depth articles about cannabis in Canada for decades and looks forward to continue bringing you cutting edge cannabis strains for the decades to come. Mr. BC Seeds uses a "pen name" because he still travels the world collecting cannabis strains and continues researching cannabis in laboratories of non-legalized countries.
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