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  • March 9, 2021
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Effects Of Excessive Cannabis

Whatever your reason for using cannabis, it’s likely that you’ve become too intoxicated by  smoking too much of it at least once or twice in your life. This is extremely common, especially among novices who take one too many tokes and suddenly find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. The effects of excessive cannabis use vary from mild to slightly more extreme depending on the amount used, the products THC content, and excessive use frequency. This article will look at these side effects and give you nine tips to help you prevent over-toking.


If you use too much cannabis, you can quickly feel out of step and uncomfortable. These effects are due to THC when used in high concentrations or when other cannabinoids do not balance it. This does not mean that you will always feel these effects when using a THC-rich strain, but it is possible.

After using high THC cannabis, or even many other cannabinoids, you may experience other side effects in the form of hunger and drowsiness. These effects can also be considered positive, depending on the situation.


RELAX! If you notice any negative effects triggered by cannabis, the first thing you need to do is to stay calm. Keep focusing on the fact that everything you are experiencing will pass. This can be difficult in certain circumstances, when you feel like the world is spinning around you and everyone in the room seems to want to catch you, but one of the most important steps to counteract the overwhelming feeling of a high that is intense is to internalize the fact that a cannabis overdose is only temporary.

The worst side-effect for many people is paranoia or being so high you think you’ll never come down and be sober again. But fret not, the buzz from marijuana doesn’t last too long. You should start to feel more relaxed 30 minutes after you panic. You should most certainly feel better in two hours. That is of course, unless you’ve eaten cannabis products. This could last for up-to 8 hours. Just remain calm, and know that it will end and you’ll be back to normal. Try to sleep it off, or eat some sugar if you’re going to stay awake. It can help some people.


A common advice for high people is to drink enough water, and we advise you to do the same if you feel too high. We recommend that you drink cold filtered water or pure fruit juice, which can help to raise your blood sugar levels and lessen the unpleasant effects of a short-term cannabis overdose.

Whatever you do, it is best to avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea or certain non-alcoholic beverages. Also, don’t drink two litres of water at a time; it’s best to have a large glass of water next to you and take slow but regular sips from time to time. If your glass is empty, refill it or ask a friend or family member to do so.


Cannabis contains a variety of terpenes that give it its aromatic profile and play an important role in how the substance affects our bodies. Many of the terpenes found in cannabis are also found in many other plants or fruits; citrus fruits, for example, contain limonene, while parsley, thyme and hops contain myrcene terpene.

Beta-caryophyllene is also a terpene. Found in cannabis and black pepper, it activates the same receptors in the brain as THC. According to a scientific review in the British Journal of Pharacology, THC and beta-caryophyllene have a calming effect when combined. Unfortunately, most strains of cannabis contain only traces of beta-carophyllene.


Remember that cannabis contains limonene. This terpene has a similar ability to beta karyophyllene, namely to modulate the effects of THC on the brain.

If you don’t have any black peppercorns on hand, try a concoction of a lemon juice, a teaspoon of lemon peel, and as much sugar or honey as you need. Mix it all together, drink it like a shot, and you will see a reduction in the unpleasant effects of a cannabis overdose.


This is another one of those tips for anyone who has taken too much. Take long, deep breaths and maybe try taking a walk, or sit by a window or on the balcony. Getting a sober friend to drive you on the highway with the windows down can be a huge help. You may find that coming back indoors after a short ride will bring back the effects, so go for at least an hour ride. Some people might also like the distractions of driving through the city. Let us know what worked best for you in the comments below.

  • TRY CDB.

Cannabidiol, one of the main cannabinoids in cannabis, is supposed to counteract some of the psychoactive effects of too much cannabis. Smoking a strain rich in CBD or even a pure strain of CBD can help to bring everything back to normal. You can also get suitable CBD oils that are easy to dose and have been shown to have high levels of CBD without THC.

CBD oil is also available in a range of products and concentrations – from dropper bottles that you use to drop the oil under your tongue, to soft gel capsules that you simply swallow. The range of concentrations also means that there is something for every taste and situation. The only problem is that the CBD is unregulated in many places, as is the cannabis market, which often makes it difficult to know exactly what you are getting. In our CBD shop you will find a whole range of products, each of which meets our strict quality criteria and is tested by third parties to ensure absolute safety.


As mentioned before, time is the best remedy for a cannabis overdose. Therefore, all of the above tips are useful in their own way, but you will more likely return to your optimal form after a certain amount of time. We believe that ease is the best way to pass the time. Put on comfortable clothes (pajamas or something else), make yourself comfortable on your sofa or in bed and, if possible, get some sleep.

If you feel more anxious or agitated after closing your eyes, try to distract yourself with a movie or music, or take care of other things, as mentioned in the last tip. But getting someone to drive you around works the best. Make sure you buy this dedicated friend some gas for his tank to thank him the following day.

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