How Not To Get Busted If You Have Marijuana In Your Home

  • October 9, 2016
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How Not To Get Busted By The Cops If You Have Marijuana In Your Home. As a drug user, you should never open your door unless you can see who is knocking. If the cop says he smells drugs coming from your door, tell him you don’t smell anything and ask him to leave your property. The police usually knock very loudly as they all have the same authorative personalities. If you don’t have a peephole and you hear a very loud knock that your friends don’t normally use, I would not answer the door. If you do have a peephole or security camera and you see that the police are at your door, don’t open up the door at all. Ask them if they have a warrant. If they say they don’t have a warrant then tell them you have nothing to say and ask them to leave your property immediately. If they do have a warrant ask to see it before you open your door. If they hold up a piece of paper and say that it’s a warrant, ask them to slide it under the door so you can verify it. If your not sure if the warrant is real, don’t let them in at all. If it is a real warrant they will have to get authority from higher up to bust down your door. During this time, it buys you time to dispose of any drugs you may have laying around in the house down the toilet. If they happen to bust in your house when you’re not at home, or without warning. ALWAYS make sure you store your drugs up high near the ceiling because sniff dogs can’t smell up that high. It’s also a very good idea to take a bag of marijuana and rub it all over your house or apartment to spread the smell. Do this at about 2 feet above the floor in every room so that the drug dog is over stimulated and get a reading everywhere so he can’t pinpoint your real stash
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