I am not a Stoner I am Australian

  • October 9, 2016
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In Australia Cannabis holds the status of an illicit drug, which is used on a very high scale and its reported that on third of Australian population aged 22 or older than this have used cannabis. Estimations show that 750,000 Australian use cannabis on weekly basis and it being smoked by 300,000 daily. The obtained data is good enough to suggest that Australia possesses one of the highest prevalence rates of cannabis in the world. Indigenous population of Australia has higher levels of use of cannabis. Important point to highlight here is that cannabis is not legal in Australia


• According to NCPIC in Australia cannabis is generally smoked as cluster of the head/ leaves of the female plant. The smoking of resin of plants is an approach which is not very common. Bong or joint is used for smoking cannabis and it’s mixed with tobacco generally. At some occasions cannabis is either consumed orally or as a beverage in the form of tea. The use of cannabis shows variations with age and in Australia it is more common among people who are in their 20s or 30s. Coming towards the patterns of use these are similar to other manners which are followed in developed countries. People start using it in their early 20s and reduction comes by the time they reach 30s. • In accordance with the National Drug Strategy Household Survey which was carried out in the year 2007 cannabis had been consumed at least once by one third of the Australia population aged fourteen years or older than this. This shows the popularity of this drug in the country and attraction of people towards it. • Studies which have been conducted depict that males which are of fourteen years of age or older than this have higher chances of taking cannabis than females of the similar age group. Also, it has been reported that one out of five teenagers aged fourteen to nineteen has used cannabis. This is an alarming situation because youth is being effected and also it highlights towards the requirement of urgent steps for dealing with the issue. • Coming towards an older age group reports suggest that people aged 30 to 39 years have used cannabis at least once during their lifetime. This lower percentage of use of cannabis among older age groups in comparison to younger age groups is striking. This shows the patterns of consumption of cannabis and it surely appears to be more popular among younger people. • However, Hall reports that higher rates of consumption are present, but many individuals who take cannabis carry out the practice infrequently. A survey which was conducted in the year 2004 showed that half of the latest users of cannabis took the drug for a time period which was less than even one time a month. But the proportion of the latest users of cannabis is not taken as insignificant. Those who are aged thirty to thirty nine have more chances of consuming cannabis regularly. • Good news is that statistics which were taken between the year 1995 to 2007 showed that proportion of consumers of cannabis among both genders decreased in the past twelve month among those who were either of fourteen years of age or older than this. • In Australia obtaining cannabis is considered very easy and collected data depicted that 17.1 % of total population states that offer for using cannabis was made to them.

Medical use

Use and cultivation of these products are not supported by Australian law. However, there are supporters which point towards the medical requirement and suggestions have been made for conducting clinical trials, but still no jurisdiction states that trails will began in coming future.
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