I am not an Alcoholic I am Australian

Not only are Australian the biggest drinkers on the planet, they consume more cannabis than any one else. Australians have a real lust for life, and they do their best to enjoy their lives using recreational drugs. They have even more fun than their British ancestors, soaking up the sun and swimming in the warm Ocean. Australians consume more Marijuana per capita than all other countries. They consume more pot than all of Asia combined. The average toking Australian imbibes almost a pound of cannabis per year. This may not sound like much, but Australians are growing the most power strains in the world like our Extreme White Widow. The biggest problems Aussie’s have are finding a reliable place to ship them seeds. Amsterdam has the oldest and most reliable seed bank that send Aussie’s cannabis seeds problem free, in the most discrete and stealthy manner. Of course, privacy is always protected using 256 bit Encryption. Did you know that Australians drink not for the taste, but to get completely rotten (wasted). And the majority of other countries around the world think Australians Drink and smoke too much pot, a whopping 77% of the world has these views. The funny thing is, Aussie’s know they consume too much Cannabis and Alcohol, they “say” they want to change in recent polls, but actually they don’t. They continue on regularily binge-drinking and toking up a storm filling rooms with blue smoke and empty cans of Fosters. Some people make accusations against Australian, that Aussie’s that binge-drink, often get involved in vandalism and hand fights. Unlike Asian countries where they consume alcohol, especially whiskey by the gallons, yet they remain peaceful. No graffiti, no bullets in stop signs, no punches or karate punches thrown. Personally, I find Australians the life of any party and to be really good peolpe. I love that fact that Australians love to travel, because they are always the most memorable when you meet them on your journeys. Australians say they want to change, and it appears they have just started to mellow out slightly, by 6% in 2013 and 11% in 2014. They have reduced their alcohol consumption and increased their consumption of fine herbs. I personally think it’s great news.

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