Thailand Koh-Saumi


Thailand Koh-Saumi

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Thailand Koh-Saumi

Thailand Koh-Saumi is a short but fat growing magic mushroom and cap that is nice to grow for beginners because it is very resistant to contaminations.


Thailand Koh-Saumi Magic Mushrooms

Thailand Koh-Saumi Shrooms. These magic mushrooms come from the Isle of Koh-Saumi. It’s a heavy yielder and a fast colonizer. Colonization between temperatures of 83/86 degrees F. Optimal fruiting temperatures are between 73/78 degrees F.

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2 Reviews for for Thailand Koh-Saumi

  1. Jules
    5 out of 5


    Deep trip on a new level for me, this strain I took on my 50th birthday. I have built up a tolerance to other shrooms and illegal substances so I handled a strong dose, but i’d warn those first time experiencers to dramatically lower their dose compared to other shrooms as they probably will trip out using less.

  2. Keith Whales
    3 out of 5


    these do colonize quickly, and grow easily. The high is on the potent side and for me personally, i found my trip can often go sideways if i’m not certain to be in a happy mood before eating them. I’m wondering if anyone else here has a similar experience with them?

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