5 Tips For Growing Marijuana Seeds At Home

  • July 11, 2022
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Tips For Growing Marijuana Seeds At Home

More and more studies are recognizing the benefits of CBD or cannabis for different uses ranging from cosmetics to the treatment of chronic pain caused by other diseases, such as cancer. Since growing marijuana for private consumption is no longer illegal, many are those who join this new trend, to be able to have their own plant at home and enjoy it.

However, if you have thought about growing marijuana at home or indoors, you need to take into account some recommendations so that your plant can grow healthy, with perfect flowers and even better buds. Therefore, we bring you 5 tips to make your indoor cultivation a real success.

5 tips for growing cannabis indoors

1. Choose the right seeds

marijuana seedsOne of the main keys to getting started with marijuana is choosing the right seeds to germinate. It is not only a question of deciding if you prefer the stronger and more cerebral sativas, which have especially effects on the motivation and the mood, or if you prefer the indicas with more relaxing effect or the medicinal varieties rich in CBD.

It is also important because according to the type of plant, its growth will be more adapted inside or outside. In this case, it is preferable to get seeds of the autoflowering variety, which give smaller plants and better adapted to the interiors.

It is possible to consult on the Internet the results of the competitions organized each year in the world which crown the best varieties of marijuana. Sites such as Seed Finder provide access to all the necessary information on the seeds that attract our attention.

2. The right utensils do half the work

In addition to choosing the seed, it is equally important to choose the tools you will use to grow cannabis. Cannabis plants are generally sensitive and require various care, especially if they are going to be planted outside their environment. It is necessary to recreate the right environment with quality fertilizers, adequate lighting, especially lights, among which we recommend CFL, HID or LED lamps.

In addition, it is more than necessary to use basic protective equipment such as goggles or gloves, as well as the usual tools for pruning or planting. It is also important to have humidity and temperature meters.

3. Creating the perfect climate

grow marijuana in the right climateWe’ve already said that cannabis plants require special care as well as the right environment. For this reason, to grow your marijuana plant indoors, you will need to keep in mind the temperature and humidity of the environment you are going to create for it. These must be optimal if you wish to obtain a healthy harvest.

However, this optimal climate will depend on the stage of growth in which your plant is, for example, if it is still a seed, the ideal is that the humidity is about 65 – 70% and that the temperature oscillates between 20-25Cº with the lights on and 4-5 Cº with the lights off. And do not worry, there are adequate tools to control all these values.

4. Choose the right season for harvesting

Growing marijuana is not much different from growing tomatoes or basil. Like any plant, it has its own growth and flowering cycle, and like any ‘fruit’ the buds have better times than others in which to be harvested. That is why it is important not to do it neither too early, so that they can reach their ‘maximum maturity’, nor too late, since that potency you were expecting, can start to degrade after a certain point.

So how can we know whether or not the time is right? The leaves will tell you. If they are very green, it is still early, but if the pistils (the little hairs on the bud) start to turn orange or brown, it will be the right time.

5. Drying and curing cannabis

Once you have finished growing marijuana and have harvested the ‘fruits’, it is time to dry and cure them so that they can be consumed. This will help them to fully develop their potency and aroma. The best way to dry them is to hang them in a dark room with good ventilation and adequate humidity, around 45-55%. Drying should be slow, around 7 to 12 days. Once they are dry, it will be time to ‘cure’ them and we will do it by putting them in a glass jar that we will ventilate every day for up to 8 weeks.


It is important to take into account several aspects in order to have a good culture of marijuana. Taking into account this necessity, we have exposed 5 of its tips for the cultivation of cannabis at home: You must!) choose the right seeds; 2) choose the right ones; 3) create a perfect climate; 4) choose the right season for the harvest and 5) dry and refine your marijuana.

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