Trump Cannabis Policy

President Donald Trump Cannabis Policy and Medical Marijuana Policies With the election of Donald Trump as the US president, many are wondering what the Trump cannabis policy approach he will take. Trump cannabis policy may be to legalize cannabis. It is commonly known he supports cannabis for medicinal use. But, there are several options the Trump administration could take. President Donald Trump Cannabis Policy and Medical Marijuana Policies below. Canada is moving forward with legal weed if you believe Trudeau's Promise Canada is moving to legalise cannabis with its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau leading the way. He believes cannabis legalisation and...
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Marijuana: The Alzheimer’s Fighter

Marijuana: The Alzheimer’s Fighter. Recent lab research has found that medical marijuana may be key to fighting marijuana. The cannabinoids in marijuana can help to prevent the buildup of certain proteins and plaques that cause the neurodegeneration we see in Alzheimer's patients. Even more exciting is the suggestion that cannabinoids may actually help to clear these plaques, and may possibly increase brain function in Alzheimer’s patients! Here is what you need to know about this amazing and exciting discovery. THC removes amyloid beta. Amyloid beta is the protein which is found in Alzheimer’s patients’ brains. We don’t thoroughly understand the...
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Pot for pets

Pot for pets Medicinal cannabis is infiltrating all parts of our lives. There is now pot for pets. Not to miss out on its medical benefits, pet owners can use pot products for a wide range of things from arthritis to anxiety. It can help pets the same way it helps people. [br] So, have owners lost the plot giving their pooches pot? No. Not really. It is not marijuana in these products, but hemp. And, there is a difference between marijuana and hemp. There was a time when hemp was illegal in many countries including the US, as it...
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Busted with Marijuana Things You Need To Know

Busted with Marijuana. What to do if you are caught with pot. Say you’re driving down the road and you see flashing blue and red lights behind you. You’re being pulled over, and you have marijuana on you. What do you do? Busted with Marijuana This is a situation that many people face daily, and it can quickly turn dangerous or even violent. You do have rights, though, and you can respond in a way that de-escalates the situation and protects your Constitutional rights. The Smell Test Police can use the smell of marijuana as probable cause to search you,...
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Home Police Raids

Home Police Raids are on the decrease, but you should still be aware if you have marijuana in your home. What to do if the Police come knocking? A man’s home is his castle, as the saying goes, but in many states there are limitations on what you can do in your home, what plants you can grow, and how you can enjoy them. The Constitution protects us against unreasonable searches and seizures, which means among other things that the police can’t just barge into your home and start nosing around. If you live in a state that does not allow...
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