Drones Surveillance of Outdoor Grow Operations

Drones Surveillance of Outdoor Grow Operations is currently underway in a large or small scale? We are not sure. Sometimes we hear that drones are needed for overseas missions and they are not being used yet for  domestic cannabis surveillance. But with the number of Drones currently in production, that might change in a couple years. Police helicopters are expensive and inefficient. But drones are low cost, no pilot on board to pay wages, less fuel and equipped with more sophisticated optical technology. United Stated Government Agency admits to using surveillance drones over US soil. If you are an outdoor...
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What Are Synthetic Cannabinoids

Synthetic cannabinoids can be best defined as substances, which hold the status of designer drug and have the potential which enables them to mimic effects of the cannabinoids. A number of psychoactive groups are present, which are utilized as designer drugs. More precisely it can also be said that synthetic cannabinoids are chemical compounds which mimic effect of THC and this is one of the popular ingredients which are present in cannabis. These kinds of chemicals are installed into mixtures of dried plants matter and are being sold under different brand names like K2, Spice etc. these products were initially...
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I am not an Alcoholic I am Australian

Not only are Australian the biggest drinkers on the planet, they consume more cannabis than any one else. Australians have a real lust for life, and they do their best to enjoy their lives using recreational drugs. They have even more fun than their British ancestors, soaking up the sun and swimming in the warm Ocean. Australians consume more Marijuana per capita than all other countries. They consume more pot than all of Asia combined. The average toking Australian imbibes almost a pound of cannabis per year. This may not sound like much, but Australians are growing the most power...
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I am not a Stoner I am Australian

In Australia Cannabis holds the status of an illicit drug, which is used on a very high scale and its reported that on third of Australian population aged 22 or older than this have used cannabis. Estimations show that 750,000 Australian use cannabis on weekly basis and it being smoked by 300,000 daily. The obtained data is good enough to suggest that Australia possesses one of the highest prevalence rates of cannabis in the world. Indigenous population of Australia has higher levels of use of cannabis. Important point to highlight here is that cannabis is not legal in Australia Use...
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How a 9th Grade Drop Out Made Millions From Cannabis PART I

Today is July 18th, 2014 and it’s my 29th birthday. I still felt young but knew I was soon approaching my 30th Birthday. My friends were all getting promoted, climbing the corporate ladder. No respectable company would hire me with my unstable employment history and lack of a college degree. Shit, I didn't even graduate high school. I was more interested in sex, drugs and alcohol. My passion was smoking weed, from morning till evening. To play video games, socialize with friends while smoking excellent herb, watching Breaking Bad and Weeds. You know, enjoying life, not working for “the man”....
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