Medical Marijuana and Arthritis

More than one in ten Americans suffer with arthritis. The two most common forms of arthritis are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid—they are similar in that they are both forms of an insufficient immune system which starts attacking itself causing inflammation. With Rheumatoid arthritis over activity of the B cells cause antibodies to attack tissues found in the joints. The joints swell, become increasingly painful, range of motion becomes limited and this will continue to deteriorate with time. Osteoarthritis is the same malfunction of the immune system—thought to be brought on by a virus-but it manifests in the bones causing the bones...
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Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Many of us who grow our own for personal consumption are always concerned with those who don’t understand. Be it the police or a nosy neighbor it only takes a single phone call to have that nice strain of preferred weed gone for good. Not to mention a bunch of legal hassles that go along with trying to survive in the world of the self titled righteous. For those who grow plots away from their own home, the tips I have outlined here are used and proven. However, at all times, a healthy amount of stealth is always recommended for...
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Grow Tips For New Medical Marijuana Growers

Avoid Contaminations and Grow Room/Pet Safety We will start with a few simple guidelines to keep your grow room healthy and pest-free. Never go in your grow area after being outdoors, take your shoes off or anything else that came into contact with plants outside. Yes your lawn counts too. Pets should never be allowed into the grow room. They pack critters, that can infest and ruin your grow, and the dangers to your animals from UV light emitted from MH (Metal Halide) and/or your HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamps can blind your dog, cat, lizard, or any pet with...
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Marijuana Grow Guide

Woohoo! Time to grow your first crop of the gonzo ganja! But hang on just a minute, bub. It's easy to mess this up, so you gotta invest in a few bits and bobs, plus some edgee-muckation. This guide is designed to help you be successful in your first soil grow. It's really very simple, but many (most) first time growers have problems because they are lazy about one or more of the basics. To avoid that, we will cover: Sprouting Transplanting Soil PH Fertilizing Watering Temperature Ventilation Bugs Lighting Outdoor growing Advanced techniques Some common sense Sprouting Here are...
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Glaucoma and Medical Marijuana

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye that will eventually cause blindness by attacking the optic nerve. Presently there is no cure. It is the leading cause of blindness and comes unannounced, without symptoms. Everyone is at risk for this disease and the only way to know whether you have it, or to treat it, is through regular visits to the opthamologist. Once you hit age 35 you should see an opthamologist for a ‘baseline’ visit. See them again at age 40 and then, if you do not have any special eye needs besides corrective lenses, you should come back...
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