Marijuana Contaminated with Broken Glass

Dealers now cut marijuana with very dangerous substances to increase profits. May Karma get them. This is what they are doing; they shake all the THC off marijuana to make Hashish, then put broken glass into the marijuana to make it appear that it has THC. It used to be safe to buy Marijuana, no drug dealer would mess with it, it was always dangerous to buy cocaine and XTC pills and other chemical drugs because you never knew what you were getting and they often cut the drugs with rat poisoning and other harmful substances. Dealers did this to...
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420 Jobs Are Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

420 is a term used in North America. Stoners from around the world have no idea what 420 means. Even Australians are unaware. So if you're interested finding employment in the cannabis industry, you need to know that a 420 Job posting is exactly what youre looking for. Jobs in the Cannabis Industry Now that marijuana is legal in several states, there are a lot of jobs available for people who want to make a career in the cannabis industry. Pot jobs are a dream for many people. It might be hard to believe that it is actually possible to...
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How to Get More Females From Your Cannabis Seeds

The most important thing about cannabis is it’s natural healing powers. You should always use organic soil as your medium. Why would you take something good and containment it with chemicals? This just makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Is it more profitable to use hydro instead of soil? No it is not at all. You have to look at the big picture here. Inhaling chemically produced plants will increase your medical heath bills in the future, so if it takes an extra week to finish your buds in a soil medium the added electricity costs for that extra week will...
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How Not To Get Busted If You Have Marijuana In Your Home

How Not To Get Busted By The Cops If You Have Marijuana In Your Home. As a drug user, you should never open your door unless you can see who is knocking. If the cop says he smells drugs coming from your door, tell him you don’t smell anything and ask him to leave your property. The police usually knock very loudly as they all have the same authorative personalities. If you don’t have a peephole and you hear a very loud knock that your friends don’t normally use, I would not answer the door. If you do have a...
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Germinating Tropical Marijuana Seeds

When you Germinate Tropical Marijuana Seeds you can get more females if you don't stress the seeds. This means don't freeze them unless you need long-term storage, and germinate them under a heat pad at the proper temperature. If you germinate hot climate seeds from Thailand at room temperature, you'll get more male plants. Most of the time, at room temperate, they won;t even sprout or germinate at all. But if you germinate them under a heat pad that is more like the local climate in Thailand (35 Celcius), you'll get 90-100% female seeds. Never let your seeds dry out...
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