Marc Emery Canada’s Marijuana Hero

Born in 1958, Marc Emery has devoted his life and his career to fighting for the rights of Canadians and people all over North America to have access to marijuana. He has worked with many political parties and groups in his fight to reform marijuana policy both domestically and internationally. Some of the groups Emery has worked with in Canada and the United States include: • The Freedom Party of Canada • The New Democratic Party • The Unparty • The Marijuana Party of Canada • The Green Party Marc Emery is willing to put his money (and his freedom)...
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Prince & Princess of Pot get raided in Quebec

Prince & Princess of Pot get raided the following day of opening 6 dispensaries. The arrest took place in Montreal. Justin Trudeau had promised to legalize cannabis during his campaign but the drug is still considered illegal under federal law and numerous charges are pending. It was the very first time Jodie was arrested.
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Happy New Year 2017 BC Seeds

Happy New Year 2017 BC Seeds, the year 2017 is an exciting year. Keep your eyes posted for even more advanced genetically modified strains. We really struggled to keep up with demand in 2016 and it's predicted again that the global cannabis seed shortage is to continue well into 2017.
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The Parties and Pot: How American Politics Is Divided on Marijuana

While there are many other, louder divisions between Republicans and Democrats in the United States, marijuana is a division that has extreme polarity. Overall, the Grand Old Party considers cannabis to be a dangerous and harmful drug that is a gateway to even more insidious vices – despite the lack of empirical evidence supporting this claim and in fact the overwhelming amount of evidence supporting exactly the opposite: that marijuana is not harmful, is not dangerous, and is not a gateway drug. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has had more or less an ambivalent status toward marijuana, sometimes supporting medical marijuana...
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The Future of Medical Marijuana

The future of medical marijuana is bright. Cannabis is a miracle plant when it comes to medical uses. It is known to treat many illnesses and diseases, including epilepsy, chronic pain, anxiety and depression, and even cancer. For decades now, pharmaceutical companies have funded anti-drug campaigns and lobbied to restrict access to cannabis for obvious reasons: because if people can use marijuana to treat their illnesses, they won’t pay the big bucks for pills. Therefore any time a pharmaceutical company says anything in favor of marijuana, we should take note and ask ourselves why. Chances are, it’s because they have...
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