How to Finish Flowering Cannabis

You will use this same 12-hour light cycle from now on until you harvest. No messy chemicals to mix, just add water and watch the plants grow until their ready for harvest. Now if you have followed these simple directions you’re ready to remove the outer leafs, the big fan leaves that have little or no THC glands. The shiny white sticky stuff that should be coating the buds or flower clusters and any inner leafs. Any leafs not coated should be removed. Some time’s you cut half the leaf, removing the green outer part with scissors, leaving the other...
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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About the Effects of Marijuana

The popularity of Marijuana edibles is mounting with each passing day especially in US their demand is increasing. A great range of products is found floating in the market like sweets, candy, brownies, gummy bears and cookies. The main concept which is getting popular these days is that eating marijuana is safe because till now no deaths have been reported, but yes you cannot overlook the reports where marijuana edibles were consumed by children and this resulted into adverse outcomes. Cookies Marijuana cookies are extremely popular as people find them very interesting and tasty, but the main question is that...
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How to Dry Marijuana Seeds

Proper Marijuana Seeds Drying Marijuana seeds should be dried in a climate-controlled environment using fan ventilation. Seeds should never be dried in the sun nor anywhere the temperature exceeds 95oF (35oC). Remember, dark colored seeds absorb more of the suns rays and are especially vulnerable to sun/heat damage. A ceiling fan and air conditioner will dry seeds safely and very quickly. Spread seeds out on a window screen or plywood, never use cardboard, newspaper or any other paper product. Seeds will stick to paper products and can damage the seed when unstuck. Use a hard, non-stick surface. Never spread marijuana...
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Bring Back Your Already Harvested Plants Back To Life

Bring Back Your Already Harvested Plants Back To Life Re-vegetate your plants is a great option, You can do this once and still get a good bud return for your efforts, but your time, light and electricity use will be longer. When first harvesting your plants, Make sure you leave the bottom 6 branches, and all the leaf and buds intact on the stem. This part we will re-vegetate. Now continue on with your harvest cut off the rest of the branches above your re-vegetate area. Cut at 45degree angle so it will not form any rot. You will want...
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Everything You Wanted to Know About Opium

Papaver somniferum is the only poppy plant which produces Opium. It came from an amazing Mediterranean wild strain named Papaver setigerum. Opium is the stuff inside the poppy plants “seed pod”. Once you score it (slice it open with a knive) it will start to ooze out and when the liquid mixed with the oxygen in the air, it turns to a brownish hue. It is clear in color when it is inside its seed pod and is the magical analgesic liquid that contains morphine, codeine, noscapine, and papaverine. Thebaine is another compound found inside which has no analgesic effects....
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