Cannabis Events Canada 2017

Organized 420 Cannabis Events Canada 2017 Looking to get involved in Canada’s cannabis movement? Whether you are in the industry, a patient or just curious, here is a current list of upcoming cannabis events Canada 2017. There is something for everyone to enjoy. April 19 Cannabis – Implications for Health: Understanding Its Uses, Risks and Benefits University of Calgary Continuing Medical Education & Professional Development This is a course that covers the legalisation of cannabis in Colorado and its recreational use. Topics include basic pharmacology of different cannabis and its effects, and an understanding of the risks, benefits and knowledge...
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Cannabis Fashion Trends 2017

Cannabis Fashion Trends It is hardly the thing you expect, but new products have made a huge hit in cannabis fashion trends 2017. While the image of a pot smoker is hardly related to high fashion with their long hair and non-descript clothes. More and more the myth of the stereotypical image is going up in smoke. It is not uncommon for professionals to toke at the end of a hard day. It is a new trending thing with greater acceptance. Fashion Designers Smoke Weed For Creativity To Create New Cannabis Fashion Trends The fashion industry is full of creative people who...
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Legal Cannabis Crop Costs Landlord His Insurance

Legal Cannabis Crop Costs Landlord His Insurance Legal cannabis crop costs landlord his insurance and $5000 in inspections. The legalisation of medical cannabis in British Columbia, Canada, brings new issues for landlords. Although you can legally grow cannabis with a licence, your landlord’s insurance will not cover you for any damage tenants do to your property. So, landlord Darryl Spencer discovered after telling his insurance company about his tenant’s legal grow operation. Spencer found his tenants growing pot at his property after receiving a call from a neighbour. A retired fire inspector, he went to check out the house. The...
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Canadian Legalized Marijuana Before July 1st

Today Trudeau announced that he promises Canadian legalized marijuana before July 1st, 2018. Trudeau got into power in Canada by getting a large amount of voters who believed that he would legalize marijuana in Canada. Years have Passed Without Legalized Marijuana in Canada and Trudeau's Promises Are Just Lies But years have passed without marijuana becoming legal, in fact the recent police raids and arrests say otherwise. Now Canadians are turning against Trudeau, calling him a liar. He has yet to keep his promises. And today is no different. It appears Trudeau still has no real plan to legalize marijuana....
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Trump on Pot

During Barack Obama’s presidency, the US relaxed its attitude towards cannabis. Donald Trump’s presidency and 'Trump on Pot' may be about to change this situation. Four US states have legalised recreational cannabis. That doubled during the 2016 election. Obama recently indicated federal legalisation of cannabis was inevitable. He said the government should treat it as a “public health issue, the same way we do with cigarettes and alcohol”. He said this was a “smarter way to deal with it”. Obama on Pot Obama’s 2016 election loss puts that attitude in doubt. As White House positions fill with those who are...
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